Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Vicky / Feliz Cumpleaños Vicky

The last Sunday was a special day not only for me but also for all in my family because we spent wonderful moments in a reunion we offered to Vicky for her birthday. Initially, she was invited to eat in a Peruvian-Chinese Restaurant. The food was great and delicious. Popular Peruvian dishes such us Ceviche, Seco de Cordero, Arroz Chaufa, and Lomo Saltado were really delightful, and the Chicha Morada was ‘Lo máximo’. Then, while we were eating, a couple of Peruvian singers started to play the famous Peruvian “Marinera,” a typical music played with guitar and ‘Cajon’. Alex danced a nice Marinera with Vicky. Next, after we eat, Vicky was invited to ride on boat in a lake in Rockville. The day was sunny, the weather was great, and the spectacular scenery made the ride a terrific encounter. There can be no doubt that Vicky really enjoyed this expression of love and warm from her family.
Thanks to all of you.

In the picture: (left to right) Virginia Alburqueque, Dante Alburqueque, Carlos Alburqueque ‘Calbur’, Marisol Flamenco, Alex Alburqueque, Wattana Kem, Carla Alburqueque, and Carlos Alburqueque Jr.


KARRY said...

Happy birthday to you my dear Vicky, an enormous hug to Calbur already all your pretty family.
From a brother that forgets never them.

Calbur said...

Gracias por tus saludos, igualmente un abrazo, siempre estan en nuestros corazones.
Un abrazo de tus amigos de toda la vida.
Calbur and Vicky